How-to install


After downloading DistTimeCalcSetup.msi, you can launch the Microsoft installer by double clicking the file to install DistTimeCalc on your computer.



After agreeing to the License Agreement, the installation will continue.



It will add to Microsoft MapPoint a new menu item called « Distance and Time Calculator »1 in the Tools menu as shown here.



By default it will be started with MapPoint. If you do not see the new menu item, you can check in the Tools menu « COM Add-ins… » and make sure it appears in the list and that it is checked like below. If it is not listed, run the Installer again.



If .Net Framework version 4.0 is not installed on your computer, the message below will be displayed and you will be asked to install it. Then, you will be able to install this Add-in.



1 Before version 1.2, the application was named « Get driving distance and time between a Pushpin set… » in the Tools menu.