Step-by-step instruction


Starting the computation


Once you have started MapPoint and opened a MapPoint Map, you can run the Add-in by going in the Tools menu and click on « Distance and Time Calculator »1. This will open the following window:



It will list the Pushpin sets available in your current file for Origins (From) and Destinations (To). If no data set is found, it will simply end by giving the message below. This means that there is no data on the selected map.



Also, if the data sets on the map are not of pushpin type, the following message will be displayed. You will have to convert a data set to a pushpin set first.



By default the « Origin » will be set to the first pushpin set and the « Destination » will be set to the second pushpin set or the first if only one pushpin set exist in the map. (New in version 1.2)

Next after selecting a Pushpin set for « Origin » and « Destination » you press the « Calculate » button to start the computation of the driving distance and time information and. The bar at the bottom of the window will inform you of the progress.



At the end, you will be asked to save the file. By default, the name of the Pushpin sets will be suggested and the save location will be your default folder (My Documents).



This will produce a Microsoft Excel workbook (or Microsoft Access database) containing a worksheet (table) for every data to export selected. At the end you will be asked if you want to open the file. By clicking « Yes », the output file will be opened by the registered application. You will also be able to save the file again or to other formats.



The output for a Microsoft Excel file will look something like this.



The unit of measure for the distance can be kilometers or miles depending on what is selected in your options (Tools -> Options…). The unit is indicated next to « From/To » as (Km or Miles) in the file.


Saving to another format


At the end of computation, the button « Save As » will be enabled to let you save again the file to one of the other supported formats without the need to recalculate everything.


Stopping the computation


During the computation, press the cancel button on the « Please wait … » window to stop the process. This window will disappear when there is about 2 seconds left in the computation.



A confirmation message will appear like this one. If you choose « Yes », then the computation will stop when all destinations of the current origin are calculated.



The computation will terminate the current line (Origin) and will ask you if you want to save the results.


Duplicate values


If a duplicate name for a pushpin is found during the computation, the second column will have its name appended with a dash (-) followed by a number representing the column number. This is required to assure a unique name for each column but the name in the row will not be changed.


Unmatched pushpins


If a pushpin set contains unmatched pushpins, they will be ignored during the computation. In the output file, they will appear empty (line, column or both).


Error while calculating


If an error occur during the computation, an error message titled « Error while calculating » will be displayed. The origin-destination pair that is causing a problem will appear along with a description of the problem. This type of error will cause the computation to stop. Still, you will be prompted to save to a file the computations done so far. By opening the output file, you will be able to determine which pushpin is causing the problem. You will need to correct your MapPoint file (ptm) and then restart the computation.



1 Before version 1.2, the application was named « Get driving distance and time between a Pushpin set… » in the Tools menu.