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Digital Display Creator - Documentation

Digital Display Creator was developped as a companion to our Gauge Creator and we offer it for free. This tool can generate so many styles of digital display.

The documentation explains the parameters to configure Digital Display Creator. If you need more information, feel free to contact us with your questions on Gauge Creator.

Style configuration

The 6 following parameters can be configured to change the style of the gauge.

LED Style:

2 styles of LED are possible for the digital display.

  • 7 Segment
  • 5x7 Matrix

LED/Background color:

The LED color and background can be one of the following combinaitions :

  • Black on Green
  • Blue on White
  • Green on Black
  • Red on Black
  • White on Blue

Gradient background:

The background of the display can be drwan as a gradient by selecting «Yes»

Number of digits:

The number of digits to display can be set from 1 to 49. If the value to display is greater than the number of digits available, the display will show 9 in all digits.

Decimal (precision):

This will round the number, if necessary, to the specified precision. The default symbol for decimal is the dot(.). If the value is 1 or greater, the number will be always displayed with that number of decimal.

Draw leading zero:

When setting this option to «Yes», the leading digits of the display will be filled with zeros.

Display value

It is possible to display decimal and hexadecimal numbers. With the «5x7 Matrix» style, you can write text (A-Z et a-z) and many symbols like ?/%!()-+=<>[]/*.